Junebug-chan is a yandere stalker that follows AB and pesters him from time to time. She was top of her class at Bug Highschool, excelling in Eating leaves and flying in circles and was the top student of the class, having many other bugs give her love letters, only for her to refuse them... She always felt she was too good for anyone and would only fall in love with someone superior to her. When she first heard Ambush_Bug, she didn't realize it was just a name and actually thought he was an ambush bug that could speak human, and thus thought him incredibly intelligent (despite not understanding anything he is saying) and fell in love with him instantly. Even after realizing that AB was human, she was too proud to admit her mistake and decided to just try to become human herself, learning how to interact from watching anime and dressing up in a sailor uniform, and while she can't speak human yet, she tries as best she can.

She is also a relative of Stinkbug, who finds her delusional.

Will AB senpai finally notice her? FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF "I can't believe my stalker yandere insect is this annoying!"

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